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Welcome!About me and my work

Living in Hawaii for 40 years I have used the beauty of nature in my paintings as I have a deep respect for the environment. The interaction of man with the world in the past is also an interest for my paintings. As an avid hiker I have been to some wonderfully beautiful places which have been featured in my paintings. Like a Hawaiian song my work reveres the beauty of nature while communicating an underlying message. Working in pastels, watercolors and mixed media my “piece/peace of life” paintings are for closer contemplation. I use the natural landscape as a reflection of spirituality. I often paint orchids as growing them is a hobby and painting sunrises is my muse. Island landscapes from the top of Mauna Loa to the lava flowing into the sea and the waterfalls in the valleys in between have inspired my art. Traveling to see archaeology sites in the Southwest, Peru, and many Mayan sites has led to my interpretation of these wonders. I have visited Midway in the Northwest Islands.

    Pastels are usually framed under glass, however some of mine are not because I use a special technique that allows them to be framed like an oil painting. I have been influenced by workshops with Teresa Saia,Elizabeth Mowry,Terry Ludwig, Kitty Wallis and Linus Chao that helped me advance my skills and paint for positive involvement, in Hawaiian we say “malama I ka aina” or take care of the world.